Hey beauties and beasts, hope you’re all well and happy.  I still can’t even believe that I’m actually going to be writing about being a conscious mum because being a mum was not on the cards for at least another 10 years, ok maybe not ten years but you know what I mean. My plan was to travel this year to Australia for a year and write about my personal conscious journey as an individual and focus on the work I do as a trainer with young people. However, from very young, my plans never actually go according to plan, there always has to be some sort of twist or turn in the works. This time the unexpected twist is that I’m having a baby, not exactly something I can undo or go into Topshop and ask for a refund because the item wasn’t what I expected haha. One thing I’ve always had clear though, is that if this situation ever did happen, without thinking twice, I would do my best to be the best mum I can be. As well as continuing my journey of my personal development and consciousness, I have been blessed with a new perspective, as a mum.

I’ll be writing about my journey during and after pregnancy, starting from the day I saw positive of that test! Talking about the physical changes that happened so fast its like what the hell, to the emotional changes that make me feel like I’m going crazy, to the conscious side of what it means to me to be a mum, what kind of mum I want to be, reflecting on my beautifully dysfunctional childhood that moulded me growing up taking lessons away from my experiences to help me be a conscious mum and much more…

You are more than welcome to join me on this exciting, unpredicted and fluctuating journey…



One thought on “THE CONSCIOUS MUM”

  1. Gwarnnn mum like lorena, really proud of you lore! This blogs blown me away I wish I could write like you. 🔥🔥🔥

    P.’s why you no return my phone call?


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