Hey Beauties and beasts, I don’t really know where to start with this one to be honest, I felt all emotions yet none at the same time when I saw the test said yes. I felt a kind of numbness all over my body, I laughed and cried at the same time, I stared at my wall with no expression on my face for a bit while a thousand thoughts crossed my mind, I was lost for words because at this point it still didn’t even seem real. For the next couple of weeks, I honestly felt like I was in a dream, it just really wasn’t sinking in. In that week I took so many tests just to make sure I was actually pregnant because part of me was thinking I can’t be, there’s no way!

Regardless of all the internal feelings that took place when I found out, I knew straight away that I was keeping it, that wasn’t a question or up for discussion. knowing that I was keeping it was one thing but then thinking of people’s reactions was another. The thought of telling those I needed to tell tormented me day and night, I legit woke up holding my tummy saying I’m gonna protect you no matter what because I was so ready to do whatever it is to protect myself and my unborn baby from the get go.

The test saying yes was the start to a journey I wouldn’t change for the world..



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