Hey Beauties and Beasts. Where do I start with these crazy A & E  visits, well they definitely were not expected so soon into my pregnancy whatsoever, I legit did not even expect pregnancy to be this hard for me but hey. My first A & E visit was literally a day after I actually found out I was pregnant, mad!

I had gone to the GP as soon as I found out I was knocked up lol to let them know I guess and start the process, I didn’t really know what to expect as this is my first pregnancy. The lady asked loads of questions as they do, she even tried to convince me to come back in two weeks after I’ve made a decision of whether I was going to keep the baby or not, I had to just laugh and just tell her I’m keeping the baby and my decision is not moving left or right and smile because she was really persistent and starting to annoy me!  Anyway, she went on to remind me that I’m at a high risk of experiencing a complicated pregnancy due to my condition,  explaining that I should look out for particular symptoms and if I start to experience them then I need to go straight to the hospital. As you can imagine I left the GP on panic mode like proper watching out for the symptoms for the rest of the day.

That same afternoon Id gone for lunch with my aunty, she was the first person I told about being pregnant, so she was being the supportive aunty that she is bless her. Once we had enjoyed eating our lunch, I started getting these crazy pains in my tummy, on my left side, which is exactly what the lady at the GP told me to look out for. I look back at this day now and laugh but at the time I literally burst into tears at the table and said “tia, we need to go to the hospital, nothing is happening to my baby” tia means aunty btw… So yeah we basically flew to the hospital in full panic mode, I’m crying, aunty is trying to calm me down but I knew she was secretly panicking too lol.

The hospital wait was just torture man but I was eventually seen. There was only so much they could do immediately because the early pregnancy unit was closed so I had to come back the next day at 9am sharp if I wanted to be seen quickly as it gets packed really fast. Of course, my aunty and I at 8:50am were already at the doors waiting for them to open haha. Deep down I knew everything was fine but the pains were so bad that I thought It’s better to be safe than sorry and obviously wanted peace of mind. So, I had my first internal scan to make sure everything was fine and it was! I was only a few weeks gone so literally all you could see was the tiniest black sac, couldn’t see anything basically but it was too cute knowing that there’s a baby forming! It was comforting to be reassured that everything looked normal especially because I know my annoying condition can get in the way at any time.

I know it may sound dramatic to some but I would advise anyone to go to A & E or early pregnancy unit if they are concerned about anything during pregnancy!

This was my very first trip to A & E for something quite small not knowing that this was nothing compared to what was coming my way during this pregnancy…



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