Hey Beauties and Beasts, hope you are all happy and healthy.

I know I’ve started previous posts with I don’t know where to start but with this one  I actually don’t because this day was possibly the scariest day of my life. I don’t even know how many times I’ve joked with my parents about being pregnant and it’s funny because I can actually saying JOKEEEE after cos I am actually joking lol but never did I imagine how scary it would really be when telling them I’m pregnant for real haha!!

Christmas day is supposed to be merry and cherry, I however really know how to create a scene on the worst possible day to do it. I somehow thought me being pregnant would be a nice Christmas present, no? lol joke I knew it was going to be crazy but convinced myself they would react differently just because its was Christmas dayyy.

Obviously I was wrong init ffs! Anyway, I allowed the whole day to proceed as normal, everyone was happy, everyone ate good, everyone had little drinks here and there you know it goes… I was anxious the whole day omg, so was my aunty and brother because we all knew that I was gonna end the day with the cherry way on top! Once it got dark, day was coming to an end, food had all been eaten, you know Christmas day is coming to an end so everyone’s on chill now, I was so nervous I swear I even think I was sweating to be honest. I wanted it over and done with so quick that I just got up and said everyone I need you all in the living room now, bam just like that! dads looking at me saying what’s going on, mums looking bare confused because she can obviously see my nervs coming out my pores mate! I’ve sat down waiting for everyone to gather and be seated, while my brother, David, is sitting right next to me for support, dad was gonna come and sit next to me I was like woah I think you should go sit over there and pointed at the chair furthest away from me, I was not risking it my friend! Now he’s face is starting to look serious, making my heart race so fast and hands shake like crazy! Once everyone was seated, there was silence and all eyes were on me boy, at this point I felt like I’d shat out my heart to be honest!! I made zero zero eye contact with my dad when I started off with saying I love you all haha what an arse! I went on to say sooo I know I got my Australia trip coming up *pause* well I’m not going anymore *pause* at this point David held my hand, I still had made no eye contact with my dad and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife! I ended it with saying because *pause* I I’m I’m I’m pregnant and shut the hell up and cut all eye contact with everyone!

My eldest brother was the first to speak and said congratulations, that was the only congratulations I got from anyone in my family lol, mum was quick to interrupt and say well sorry I can’t congratulate you haha shes too cute and well my dad? He never spoke to me for a whole week, the longest we’ve ever gone without exchanging words and David took the picture above which was seconds after I told them!!

David and I had to leave and go for a walk because after that, Christmas was definitely over!



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