Hey Beauties and Beasts, hope you are all groovy.

I have one word to describe my 1st trimester, traumatising! Not even exaggerating, I really did not expect it to be as hard as it has been. I got to six weeks pregnant and I remember my aunty saying to me that she thinks I’m gonna have an easy first trimester because I still hadn’t experienced any nausea or sickness and it apparently usually kicks in at 4 weeks, obviously everyone’s different so its different for everyone! I just remember being happy when she would say this to me and I’d be like yeah course I’m a Vargas I got this man.

lol we spoke way too soon because as soon as I hit 8 weeks, everything went downhill for me! It started off with feeling nauseas every single day for the entire day, not just for a couple of hours in the morning. That alone was making my day to day routines hard enough to keep up with. My symptoms were just getting worse and worse by the day. The sickness started kicking in, I would try to eat dry crackers all day long to try help me with it and it worked, for a limited time only though!

The sickness literally broke me, I got to the point I was being sick for long periods of time consistently, my throat would be hurting for days and my face would turn into a red blotch for days too.  I had to have an anti sickness injection and put on anti sickness tablets to stop it because nothing else did. I completely lost my appetite and my tummy would twist at the thought of food alone and weeks went by where I couldn’t even tolerate drinking water! As a result of all these symptoms, I felt so so so weak, I was bed bound for a few weeks and woke up one morning and couldn’t even lift my arms, I cried so much thinking omg I’m gonna die! It was just beyond horrible and I had no clue it could even be like that.

I googled so much and tried anything to see if it helped but very few things comforted me during this period. Fizzy, Orange Lucozade was my best friend, it was the only liquid I was able to tolerate, however had its consequences because with my condition I cant drink too much fizzy which I’ll talk about soon. In terms of my pregnancy stuff though it helped and an intake of liquids while pregnant is vital so Lucozade it was. The only intake of food I could tolerate during this time was soup and even then I just didn’t want anything at all but I knew I had to eat something otherwise I would have actually died!

My Dr said to me that no matter how bad I was feeling, my baby would take the nutrients it needs to be okay and that my symptoms as unpleasant as they were, it was a sign of a very healthy baby.

I guess it’s all worth it and my baby can keep taking everything and leaving me for dead ey..



One thought on “1ST TRIMESTER”

  1. Eeeish! No joke!
    I wonder how many mums out there nodding as they read this Lorena. Pure love and endurance.

    Mad respect to you for drawing from your creative well and sharing as you go on this journey


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