Hey Beauties and Beasts! I hope you are all well.

Since I last told you about the dramatic sickness of my 1st trimester, things have changed, Thank God. I don’t wanna jinks nothing though so let’s forget about the sickness business!

Since then, I’m so happy to say that I finally have some energy back, feeling a little bit like myself again and have been able to get back to work! There’s one physical change that’s happened that I try laugh at because its something I’ve never felt before. Wanting to cut off my nipples is something I don’t think I’ve ever said before but have been saying it every day since I entered my 2nd trimester. Words cannot describe how itchy they have been, I’ve even resorted to squeezing them the tightest I can to see if that helps. Like there not even sore man, there itchy, anyone who’s had an itchy downstairs whilst walking and your leg starts twitching like crazy, its like that but 100 times itchier an double the itch because its two nipples and its everyday with this craziness!!! I don’t know if that means I’m gonna have lots of milk, maybe I should google it but all I know is that its annoying as fcuk, tell you that for free mate! I’ve been using coconut oil and cocoa butter to soothe them and to be honest it just feels nice, it hasn’t helped the itch at all lol so I’m still searching for my remedy.

Along with that BS, I’m just always tired to be honest, every little thing just tires me out and I’m like can I just sleep please? Thanks. I practically live peeing in the toilet, that has been mad annoying as well, sometimes I’m proper bursting to go and then I go and hardly anything comes out and sometimes I actually say reallyyyy? cos I’ll be proper comfortable and one thing I hate is having to move especially if its taken me ages to actually get comfy, its the worst and that’s the story of my life every night at least 3 times. I cant even sleep a whole night and the baby hasn’t even arrived, cha!

All in all I can’t really complain, the start to my 2nd trimester has been by far better than my 1st which I’m extremely grateful for to be honest. I can deal with the annoying stuff and feeling tired. Since things have slightly settled, I’ve been able to focus on dealing with the things I actually struggle to cope with.  The emotional changes that I’ve been experiencing have completely taken me back because I didn’t know I could even experience such profound emotion on such a regular basis which those close to me have said I’ve been doing well but don’t know the depth to how I’ve been feeling! My condition is something I’ve been struggling to deal with even before my pregnancy, however more so now because I’m dealing with it more regularly. As them two topics are more intense for me, I try to laugh and enjoy the other things as annoying as they are.

I remind myself that this is a small price to pay for life to grow inside of me, literally, my beautiful baby is developing as I type and as you read.



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