Hey Beauties and Beasts, I was going to say I hope you’ve been enjoying the weather considering we’re in June now but I mean lets be honest, we’ve only had like one or two days of sun! Regardless, I hope you’ve been keeping well and taking care of yourselves.

the fact that I’m pregnant still doesn’t even seem real sometimes but seeing my bump grow rapidly is a quick reminder that yes, yes you are pregnant Lorena, you are having a baby and you are indeed going to give birth in two months and a half hunny. Along with all the physical changes that have been and are quite uncomfortable especially when working, the emotional toll it has taken on me has taken me by surprise as I didn’t really anticipate how emotional I would be. I know its a known fact that pregnant women get hormonal but I had no idea that I could ever feel this crazy! I’ve found it a challenge accepting how low I feel at times and tell myself to stop being so emotional.

Being hormonal during pregnancy is completely inevitable though as it is part of the process. The stress, exhaustion and hormonal changes that affect levels of neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in the brain) are some of the reasons why hormones fluctuate so much. Yes, I googled that because I wanted more of an accurate explanation as to why I’ve been so hormonal and irrational at times.

Like I said before, it took me by surprise how hormonal, sensitive and emotional I’ve been feeling. I didn’t expect emotions or thoughts to be as heightened as they have been. Even though its not something that can be changed because its part of pregnancy, there are things that can support in dealing with these outbursts. Having support, compassion and patience from loved ones is one of the most important things in being able to deal with all the emotional changes especially when most of the time I feel like I’m not even in control of what I’m feeling and thinking.

It’s also important to be extra kind and patient with yourself. Knowing that this process is sensitive and overwhelming but completely normal has helped me in being able to accept to a degree that I’m allowed to feel as emotional and irrational as I’ve been feeling. All I can do is continue to do things that have been supporting me in dealing with all these emotions. Going for walks when the weather is behaving, making time to just breathe and do nothing else. Taking time to talk and play relaxing music to my baby for their development also relaxes me. Writing helps release how I’m feeling and helps me understand what is going for me. This post for example, was hard because I’m in the midst of feeling everything but was needed to remind myself to be patient, compassionate and appreciative to myself and the journey I am on.

Pregnancy is the blessing, pregnancy hormones is the curse, it’s all extremely overwhelming but a miracle is on it’s way.



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