Hey Beauties and Beasts, how you doinggg? I hope you are all happy, healthy and making the most of these warm days we’ve been lucky to have. Even though it’s not that hot, I die as soon as I get out, feeling like a melting snowman wanting to just get back inside yet I’ll be the first to complain when it’s a tad bit cold.

I swear time does not slow down for nobody, I’ve always felt days just pass me by but how time has flown by during pregnancy is something else. I can’t believe I’m already in my third trimester with only a few weeks left, absolutely mental!

The transition from my 1st trimester to my 2nd trimester was amazing, from having no energy or appetite to actually wanting to get up and craving so much food was the best thing ever. Having the energy to actually do things and not get tired within an hour of being out meant I was able to enjoy my pregnancy as much as I could. Being able to get out and socialise with friends and family when I could, contributed to me being more positive throughout my 2nd trimester, mainly because pregnancy has been emotionally demanding from the beginning and can easily get lonely. As well as spending time with loved ones, it was important to have time for myself to reflect, understand and embrace what is happening and what is going to happen.

During my 2nd trimester I was able to walk a lot more than I can now which I knew was going to happen at one point so I made sure to walk as much as possible to stay active which is important to do throughout the whole of pregnancy. What I would of done differently is not walk half way to work to be on my feet for the whole day and then walk half way back home; I mean I know I’ve said staying active is important and it is but I overdone it some days leaving myself so exhausted I could of cried from tiredness alone on those days, honestly what was I thinking! I know part of me didn’t want to believe that I had to take it any easier just because I was pregnant because I didn’t like hearing comments like “oh you can’t do that” or “are you sure you can” as though I was any less capable than someone who isn’t pregnant.

Looking back now, I would definitely of made more of an effort to use the energy I had to enjoy my 2nd trimester more than I did and not doing everything the same as though I wasn’t pregnant, trying to prove I can still do a backflip.

Being pregnant doesn’t make me any less capable, it means my body is occupied with creating life and preparing to give birth, something that deserves to be nurtured.



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