Hey guys, hope you’re all well and looking after yourselves, I’ve definitely had to due to my C-Section. I can’t believe It’s already been 6 weeks and 5 days since giving birth to Myla, some days it still doesn’t even feel real; that’s when she’s asleep mind you because when she’s crying it definitely feels real, I’ll tell you that much!

The last few months of my pregnancy, I did so much to prepare for giving birth; from Practising breathing techniques in the bath and shower, doing lots of pelvic exercises to prepare for the physical activity, practising breathing positions that would help me manage the pain and did lots of googling of course on what to expect. Though Regardless of everything I did to prepare, I kept telling myself to be open minded and expect the unexpected because I’ve heard plenty of good and bad birth stories and the truth is nothing could of truly prepared me for what was coming!

On Friday 25th August (day after my due date) at 6am was the start of early labour, contractions started waking me up but I was able to sleep in between them so it wasn’t too bad. it was around 7am that I couldn’t really sleep anymore because the contractions were just too close together so there was no point even trying to keep sleeping. Scott was already awake because he could hear me making sounds every time a contraction came along, so he got up and told my mum today could be the day. Mum was staying with us to help out in any way really, cooking, cleaning, you know, all the essentials she was on it; so of course she made breakfast to give me energy for labour, her words exactly. By 10am we knew I was definitely in labour because the contractions were non stop; I called the hospital just to confirm, they suggested I stayed at home until I felt like I needed to come in, I asked them how will I know and they simply said, you’ll know!

The waiting game began. Contractions were regular but bearable; sun was beaming, wind was none; just the perfect day for labour. I knew I wanted to embrace the experience as much as I could because there is nothing in the world like having a baby. I was itching to go for a walk when I saw the sun, anyone who knows me knows I love to walk, so that’s exactly what we done. However, this walk consisted of extreme tortoise like walking, frequent pauses in the street and squeezing Scott tightly whilst I took deep breathes. We ended the walk quite quick for obvious reasons and made our way back home, where Scott ran me a candle lit hot bath with relaxing music playing in the background.

Of course, as contractions got stronger, It wasn’t long before I wanted to get out and go to the hospital. Whilst I’m in pain repeatedly saying that I want to go, Scott is getting mine and Myla’s bag and packing his own, of course he waited until the very last second to get his sh*t together, I mean, really babe?! Anyway, we eventually got to the hospital, they took us to a delivery room at which point I was now crying through the pain. They checked how dilated I was and I legit (legitimately) could not believe my ears when I heard the midwife say I was only 1cm dilated!

That was only the beginning…



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