Hey Beauties, how was birth story part 1? I’m hoping you were all left wanting to read more because it’s far from the end.

As some of you will know, being 1cm dilated in labour is nothing, your not even half way to getting the baby out. The midwife knew the baby wasn’t coming anytime soon so didn’t stall in sending us home, she told us to keep doing things to relax like watch a film or take a nap. I didn’t say anything but I was thinking she has done lost her mind, considering she could see how much pain I was in, I don’t know how she thought I could sit through a film; she crazy. Anyway, we were told to come back when my waters broke or in agonising pain, she didn’t use the word agonising but looking back, that’s exactly what she meant!

It’s now Friday afternoon that we are making our way back home to continue the waiting game and at this point I’m already feeling overly uncomfortable, distressed and a tad bit desperate. By now it had been half a day of constant pain and it was then I realised this wasn’t going to be the shortest of process’, so trying to get comfortable for the next couple of hours was vital.

Our bathroom is the darkest room in the house which is just what I needed at the time, so we put pillows all over the floor, lit some candles and put the song I’d chosen on repeat. I sat in the same position for hours where I would squeeze my eyes closed, hold on tight to Scott or mum and hum to the music every time a contraction came. I used every bit of strength in my body to get through these indescribable pains, I’d tell myself that it was the sweetest pain I’ll ever feel because I’ll be holding my baby by the end of it and that was the only thought that kept me going.

After hours of sitting, standing, swaying and humming to the calming music playing from my phone; it started getting late and pains were growing. The tranquil vibe was starting to wear off as I’d been in the bathroom so long that instead I became irritated. The more irritated I became, the more my focus steered away from managing the pain which meant I wasn’t in as much control and as a result of that, the pain felt 100x stronger! I reached that point again where all I could do was cry, I couldn’t really move properly because the contractions became paralyzing. Whilst weeping away, I’m telling Scott we have to go back to the hospital, without questioning me, he rushes to put he’s crusty converse on (I got him new ones now) and helped me up straight away. He tried to help me look presentable but I refused so we got my sliders on and left with me in my pyjama dress. The car journey consisted with me groaning the whole way, Scott attempting to drive as fast as he could yet dramatically slowing down at the road bumps and mum and dad in the back trying to be encouraging without being annoying which are both the same thing to me so yeah.

We arrived at the hospital for the second time, it was past midnight so it’s now Saturday. It wasn’t long until a midwife came and took us into a room where she checked how frequent my contractions were and asked me a couple of questions. As each contraction got closer together, my breathes became deeper and louder; I really was using up all my energy to hold myself together! Having Scott by my side telling me how well I was doing, holding my hand whilst I squeezed the life out of him and holding my cup to my mouth whilst I drank water from the straw was all he could do to help. Well, he could of pulled out quicker but hey it’s done now.

The midwife gave me a tablet, I can’t even remember what it was called now but I was willing to take anything to be honest. Once I took the tablet, she wanted to check how dilated I was now so she did. If my heart sank last time when I heard the midwife say I was only 1cm dilated then my heart completely evaporated this time when I heard her say I was now only 2cm dilated.

It was deja vu when she said we should go back home.



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