Hey lovelies, hope you’re all doing well. I was hoping to write part 3 a lot sooner but mum life has been a bit hectic lately, I wasn’t even expecting to have a third part but my labour was so long, it’s a lengthy story to tell.

As you all know, the midwife attempted to send us home again, yea that’s right, attempted being the keyword because I wasn’t going anywhere. For the amount of pain I was in, I was not about to go home where I have no epidural for when it was needed, chu crazy! The midwife could see how much pain I was in and timed my contractions and saw they were every two minutes, so she didn’t persist in sending us home. Whilst she looked for an available room, we sent my mum and dad to a hotel for the night because we knew baby wasn’t coming anytime soon.

Scott and I are literally exhausted at this point as it’s now Saturday around 2am, so we try to get as comfortable as possible in this room to see if we can get some sleep. Who was I kidding; I laid there with my eyes closed, song on repeat and the light off; grabbing tight to the side of the hospital bed, lifting my back in pain and breathing like never before for every contraction that came. Even though I was shattered and in pain, I would try my best to be as quiet as possible during my contractions so that I wouldn’t wake Scott up because I knew how tired he was. Looking back now, I’m surprised I even took the boy into consideration considering it was me doing all the work.

Time went by so slow for me as you can imagine, it wasn’t like a night out where the night is young one minute and old the next; It was more like 3am one minute and 3.02am the next! At around 4am Scott woke up to check on me and it was good timing because I wanted to get in the bath. The bath was in a different room down the corridor from us so he went to fill up the tub while I stood face down over the bed, swaying from side to side trying to ease the pain. Once I got comfortable in the bath, I could see Scott trying his hardest not to fall asleep bless him; with hardly any sleep, calm music playing in the background and my pyjama dress saying S L E E P across it, I don’t know how he didn’t to be honest.

Before we knew it, night turned into day, sun was shining and it was now Saturday morning. We now enter our second day of labour on no sleep, one of our favourite things to do. Though regardless of having no sleep, we were able to remain filled with joy and anticipation for our baby to arrive. Saturday morning was very quiet as pains were manageable, so we were able to relax a little bit and get our energy levels ready for the afternoon, which was when pains started progressing again. Scott knew when the contractions got worse because my breaths became louder, heavier and lasted longer. So once this started happening again, he held my hand and focused on reassuring me that I’m doing well and would remind me to keep breathing.

Midwife came in not too long after she could hear me crying and groaning for some time; no surprise, she wanted to check how dilated I was. I think midwifes enjoy it because they were doing it way too much if you ask me. Anyway, I was now 3cm dilated which caused the midwife to be concerned because of how long I’d been in labour for, not dilated much and my waters hadn’t broken.

This led her to telling me she was going to have to break my waters for me…



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