Hey Guys, lets see if I can end the cliff hangers and finish what felt like a never ending birth story in this part. Thank you for reading my birth stories and any other posts, I write them hoping Myla will get to read them one day and knowing people enjoy them is a bonus, so thank you.

Anyway, back to this midwife who said she’s going to break my waters for me. A lot of people with children advised me about not letting that happen and to always ask ‘why’. In the moment though, I was so desperate to get labour going because I was already so exhausted yet the hardest bit wasn’t even done so if it meant her breaking my waters then so be it! However, I won’t be letting that happen again that’s for sure. Once she broke my waters, they took us to a delivery room as they were expecting my labour to progress rapidly.

Unfortunately for me, there expectations were far from reality. Now Saturday afternoon, day and a half into labour; I found myself yet again in a different bath tub, breathing through these horrendous contractions waiting for it to be time to push. Only difference this time was I asked for gas and air to keep me going because my body was feeling overly drained by now and not coping with the pain the same. The gas and air by the way was amazing, I know it doesn’t have the same effect on everyone, it’s made a few people I know feel sick but it worked wonders for me while it lasted; gas and air for some odd reason only works for a limited time, the more you use it, the less it works. I learnt that the hard way.

A little while after the gas and air stopped working, things went south.

I went from being able to control my breathing through contractions to screaming the hospital down. The midwife came rushing into the bathroom and told me to get out of the tub, she was trippin ya’ll, how dare she, I literally could not move. I just remember squeezing Scott’s hands so tight, crying and screaming in despair, I don’t remember what I was saying but I do remember cussing that midwife while she was telling me to get out the bath pshh. My mum was sat in the bathroom with us and why I don’t know but she thought telling me to calm down and listen to the midwife would help, oh bless her. I screamed from the top of my lungs “mum stop talkinggggg and gettt outttttt”

Scott was the only person who could get through to me, so he grabbed tight of my hands, stood me up and looked straight into my eyes; with a firm yet comforting voice he kept repeating “everything is going to be fine babe but I need to help you out the bath for them to help you, okay”. After eventually getting me to the hospital bed, I continued to scream, scream and scream. I remember keeping my eyes shut, punching the side of the bed and verbally abusing every human in there. I don’t even want to repeat some of the vile things I said to them but just know if I was the midwife I would of left me there and said bye Felicia!

The daunting scene continued…



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