Myla Rosanna Saunders, the name we fell in love with instantaneously. Early on in my pregnancy, Scott and I agreed this would be her name if it was a girl and to our incredible surprise, baby girl it was.

8 pounds, 9 ounces she weighed when she was born and a tiny segment of my body felt a brief sense of relief that I didn’t have her ‘naturally’. She would of annihilated me. As big as she was for a baby, in our eyes, she was teeny. Myla, an extension of us each, who stole our hearts forever, also resembled a wrinkly, aged, senior citizen. Though, during those precious moments, she couldn’t have been more dazzling. Love is beautiful, love is blind. Her first 24hours of life had Scott and I completely hypnotized by her existence. Her crinkled face, her minuscule hands and feet, her smooth skin, her plumped lips, her buttoned nose, her slightly curled eyelashes, her hamster like cheeks, her gunky hair and her baby smell became our obsession.

Silent sleep was what she gave us for the first day, we were almost desperate to hear her cry as we were yet to hear her make a sound. Midwifes told us we would soon be regretting the wishful thinking. They were right. So we became content with staring at her whilst she slept, completely unknowing of what was occurring around her. I could barely move without having to use every inch of strength in me; so Scott had the pleasure of changing her very first nappy. Babies first poo’s are horrendous yet Scott did it like a pro. Once Myla was gracefully cleaned, she continued to sleep her first day away and that was our q to get our much needed rest too, before it all began.

our first day of parenthood consisted of cat naps, nappy changing, hand expressing breast milk, hundreds of pictures, cuddles with our beloved baby girl and experiencing complete awe by her unbelievably surreal presence.

True love is what our angel injected us with the second she took her first breathe of air.

Myla Rosanna Saunders, I cannot thank you enough.




  1. Mami no mas no menos es lo que se siente cuando famos a luz un hermoso bebe, yo nunca pude poner en palabras mis emosiones. Tu lo has hecho muy bien. Te felicito Dios los bendiga.

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