I’ve heard turning 30 can be a strange feeling of mixed emotions, though I won’t pretend I know what it feels like because I really don’t ha. However, if there’s one thing I do know about turning 30, is that it is definitely a milestone in ones life and should be celebrated in style.

I knew from a long while ago that whatever I chose to do for your birthday, it had to be ‘dope’ as you would say. Not merely because of the fact you were turning 30 but because I felt you truly deserved to be appreciated, recognised and praised for the man, the father, the partner, the son and the friend you are, which is nothing short of amazing.

Not many people are aware of how our relationship began and I’m sure one day I’ll write about it. But for now, let’s just say, My biggest fear wasn’t telling my parents I was having a baby, my biggest fear was telling Scott. Fearing it was something he never wanted, fearing he didn’t want to be with me and fearing he wouldn’t have wanted to be apart of the babies life. Whilst having heart palpitations when I told you because I didn’t know what you were going to say, you then gave me even bigger palpitations when you held my hand because I didn’t anticipate anything close to that. To then hear you say that we were going to do this together and the night we met you felt I could be the one. I quite literally could not believe what you were saying yet everyday since you have proved time and time again that they were not empty words.

Everyday I see your dedication to your family, I see how hard you work, I see you juggle stress in a way other’s don’t, I see you care for us everyday, I see you put us first, I see how much you adore your princess’, I see how much you want to give us the world (you already have amor), I see how supportive you are with me and my goals, I see you do daddy duties with pride, I see how much you care for other people, I see how much you like to help other’s even when sometimes it’s not deserved, I see how thoughtful you are about other’s, I see how much you give of yourself.

I mean we both know your not perfect but who is, I know I’m not, well actually that’s debatable. I just know I feel and see your love in all that you do and for that I’ll always love you. May we continue to grow in love, harmony and unity.

Happy Birthday Mi Rey, Te Amo



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