It’s been 6 whole months since Myla was born and as a first time mum, I craved nothing but a natural product to use on my little one, searching for this became a little more complicated than anticipated. I’ve always been familiar with baby products yet was fairly hesitant when it came to choosing one.

A couple of months ago Myla was beginning to have dry skin around her body, nothing severe but nonetheless unpleasant. Still, I refused to use anything on her that I did not feel confident in it being truly baby friendly. As time went on, I developed concern for her dry skin and became desperate to find something that would not only work for her short term but something genuinely healthy that could be used continuously to nurture her skin.

After months of searching, I came across Kokoso Baby Skincare. A few things caught my attention almost immediately whilst doing research before I actually ordered my very own. Learning that every coconut used has been lovingly raised for 12 months by a family-run farm in Thailand and are all fresh-pressed with nothing extracted or added to enhance it’s purity. The coconut oil has also been dermatologically tested, is suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin and is cruelty free. Knowing this product is completely free from chemicals instantly infused me with enough comfort to give it a go.

Once my beautifully packaged coconut oil arrived, along with their 100% natural baby hairbrush; I was beyond excited for bath time that evening. To begin with I wondered how easy it would be to scoop the solid coconut oil out of the tub as I’ve experienced this being difficult in the past with other coconut oils. However, it was the smoothest of processes. With ease I scooped some coconut oil and it instantly softened in my hands ready to moisturize Myla, one scoop for her entire body and a pinch more for her hair was all I needed to work wonders.

No excessive oily residue or sticky feeling after application, what a dream! Adding this to our bath time routine and dedicating time to massage precisely the dry areas has made a real difference to the condition of her skin. It has undoubtedly proved to be nourishing for my baby, leaving her skin gracefully hydrated and gentle. The improvement has been truly relieving, knowing she simply needed a touch of nature.

Thank you to a determined mummy who wanted nothing but the ultimate best for her baby, we now have raw virgin organic coconut oil made especially for our babies and their oh-so delicate skin.

You can purchase your very own pot of goodness for £7.99/168g on their online store here or from your local boots store.



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