From the second the announcement, “It’s a girl” is made, it’s as though the worldly messages, expectations and rules instantly become apparent – not always spoken but unquestionably seen.

“You’ll have a say not a voice”, “you’ll never be good enough”, “you’ll be strong but not too strong”.

These three in particular were almost unescapable, so engrained that it unknowingly became part of my being. Convinced to believe that my pain was insignificant – that it did not justify my outbursts of suffering, being called a “drama queen” and told “stop being so emotional”. It was then I decided to suppress and act like the rest. Whilst searching for comfort and a quick fix, I welcomed alternative pain killers, becoming fixated with smoking green, underage drinking and other forms of relief. Strongly attempting to mask my pain, I re-directed the aim – focusing on my physical being 10/10; I’d say, “Maybe then I’ll be good enough”.


Once upon a time autopilot is how I lived my life – allowing these messages, expectations and rules guide my way. Little did I know I was being led by the blind to live a life full of lies. Aspiring to have a prettier face, a size 8 and curvy waist and a smile with no substance – believing once this was achieved I’d be happier.

A cycle I wish not to continue, allowing the girls of the world to believe the limitations and expectations installed into them.

Often seen as the victim because women are seen as this but you’ll continue as you are because after all, you are a woman. Underestimated by many, fighting against stigmas born centuries ago, yet still; here we are. Do not misinterpret this for ‘we are weak, we are victims’. Understand ‘we are strong, we are resilient’. We were built to survive yet we’re customised, let’s wave goodbye to the other side – and say hello to diversity.

Only then, we’ll aspire to love ourselves and be different. Aspire to be your own kind of strong, smart and beautiful. Aspire to love your imperfections. Aspire to be remembered for your mind, not your body. Aspire to achieve your impossible. Aspire to have a beautiful soul, not just a beautiful face. Aspire to have a say and a voice to set ourselves and other’s free.

Tell our girls of the world today yes to aspire but please manifest your strengths, uniqueness and your power.


L.V.Q. ♥











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