Despite the fact the luxury of laying for hours on end under the sun doesn’t happen anymore and days in the sun now consist of finding shade after quarter of an hour so I don’t roast my baby – it has been heart warming watching my peanut splash around freely in the paddling pool, make a mess whilst eating fresh juicy strawberry’s and relax effortlessly when being pushed on the swing. Priceless moments!

All whilst I’d love to have peanut in the sun all day, selfishly of course, so my vitamin D needing skin can soak up all the sun it can get, sun coverage is a must. Though, staying out of the sun is probably the safest option for me anyway as I’m negligent when it comes to protecting my own skin from sun damage because somehow I think sun protection stops me from catching a tan, when in reality it doesn’t stop you from tanning, it protects you from burning – my logic, ridiculous I know.

I may be a tad bit careless with my own skin but most definitely not with my peanut – days are spent applying multiple coats of sun protection. She is currently suffering with eczema on her back and right arm which I’m treating with Cetomacrogol Cream, prescribed by the GP. Before her eczema broke out I was using Kokoso to moisturise her (read my kokoso review) which by all means is amazing but I have stopped using it because along with sun protection being applied daily, I don’t want too many creams on her skin. So finding a light yet powerful sun protection was all to important to me.

I spent a tiring three hours debating on what I would use on baby; there are a few good brands out there but I decided to use Childs farm, I found it was the most common one used with lots of good reviews. I love that they have a sun protection along with after sun cream because they both cater to different needs. We’ve been taking full advantage of the weather and the sun protection so far has stopped baby from burning and most importantly, it has not irritated her eczema which was one of my main concerns when choosing a sun protection. After a long days in and out of the sun, splashing in the paddling pool and playing in grass, the after sun cream has been perfect for leaving her skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Baby also made it necessary to find sun protection for the face due to her constant refusal to wear her hat! Is it just my baby that loves taking her hat off and putting it everywhere else other than back on her head? Typical. I’m really picky about what I use on baby’s face as it is one of their most sensitive parts of the body, so it definitely had to be the best! So Weleda it was, though they are pricey, it is the only brand that offer a separate sun protection especially made for your baby’s delicate face.

Using these products has allowed both peanut and I to enjoy the sun with no worries of sunburn or her skin drying up – she’s even caught a little tan.



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