Hey Beauties and Beasts, I was going to say I hope you’ve been enjoying the weather considering we’re in June now but I mean lets be honest, we’ve only had like one or two days of sun! Regardless, I hope you’ve been keeping well and taking care of yourselves.

the fact that I’m pregnant still doesn’t even seem real sometimes but seeing my bump grow rapidly is a quick reminder that yes, yes you are pregnant Lorena, you are having a baby and you are indeed going to give birth in two months and a half hunny. Along with all the physical changes that have been and are quite uncomfortable especially when working, the emotional toll it has taken on me has taken me by surprise as I didn’t really anticipate how emotional I would be. I know its a known fact that pregnant women get hormonal but I had no idea that I could ever feel this crazy! I’ve found it a challenge accepting how low I feel at times and tell myself to stop being so emotional.

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Hey Beauties and Beasts, it’s been a while. I hope you’re all happy and healthy!

Ulcerative Colitis? What is that? A question some of you may have or may have not asked yourselves when you saw it as the name of this new post. Colitis, which is what I call it because it’s long saying ulcerative colitis all the time, is a bowel disease. A disease with no cure, something I and others who have it have to learn to manage and live with for the rest of our lives. This unpleasant disease runs in my dad’s side of the family so no I wasn’t completely shocked when I got diagnosed with it but yes I was absolutely devastated because I’d been suffering with the symptoms for months already and I’ve seen loved ones suffer with it so I knew exactly how it was going to change my life, which was the last thing I wanted, tell you that for free! For the first 2-3 years of having it, I’d say I was in complete denial. I’d still eat everything I got told I couldn’t eat, I still smoked and drank my alcohol which is probably the worst you can do with a bowel disease and I would only take my tablets when the excruciating pain, bleeding, diarrhoea, vomiting etc. would get so bad there’d be no way of ignoring it. A while back I wouldn’t have even said what some of the symptoms are but 1. you could easily google it and 2. I’ve learnt to accept that it is what it is and I can’t change it.



RHAZ6230[1]Hey Beauties and Beasts, It’s been a while, hope you’re all good!

Well, this post is called hormone crazy for a reason, the last couple of weeks have literally been a rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions. I tried to write but I was in my feelings from the minute I woke up until it was time to sleep again, some days I didn’t even know what was wrong to be honest I just knew I wasn’t feeling good. As beautiful as this journey is, It’s definitely been Continue reading HORMONE CRAZY


Hey Beauties and Beasts, Hope you’re all groovy.

I’ve always been one who can adapt to change quite fast, might be hard at the very start but I am able to come around in the end. However, I don’t think adapting to being pregnant is anything that happens over night to be honest! Well definitely not for me anyway. Fears of motherhood have consumed me so much that it’s stopped me from being able to fully embrace my pregnancy despite the fact I’m actually excited.

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Hey Beauties and Beasts! I hope you are all well.

Since I last told you about the dramatic sickness of my 1st trimester, things have changed, Thank God. I don’t wanna jinks nothing though so let’s forget about the sickness business!

Since then, I’m so happy to say that I finally have some energy back, feeling a little bit like myself again and have been able to get back to work! There’s one physical change that’s happened that I try laugh at because its something I’ve never felt before. Wanting to cut off my nipples is something I don’t think I’ve ever said before but have been saying it every day since I entered my 2nd trimester. Words cannot describe how itchy they have been, I’ve even resorted to squeezing them the tightest I can to see if that helps. Like there not even sore man, there itchy, anyone who’s had an itchy downstairs whilst walking and your leg starts twitching like crazy, its like that but 100 times itchier an double the itch because its two nipples and its everyday with this craziness!!! I don’t know if that means I’m gonna have lots of milk, maybe I should google it but all I know is that its annoying as fcuk, tell you that for free mate! I’ve been using coconut oil and cocoa butter to soothe them and to be honest it just feels nice, it hasn’t helped the itch at all lol so I’m still searching for my remedy.

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Hey Beauties and Beasts, hope you are all groovy.

I have one word to describe my 1st trimester, traumatising! Not even exaggerating, I really did not expect it to be as hard as it has been. I got to six weeks pregnant and I remember my aunty saying to me that she thinks I’m gonna have an easy first trimester because I still hadn’t experienced any nausea or sickness and it apparently usually kicks in at 4 weeks, obviously everyone’s different so its different for everyone! I just remember being happy when she would say this to me and I’d be like yeah course I’m a Vargas I got this man.

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Hey Beauties and Beasts, hope you are all happy and healthy.

I know I’ve started previous posts with I don’t know where to start but with this one  I actually don’t because this day was possibly the scariest day of my life. I don’t even know how many times I’ve joked with my parents about being pregnant and it’s funny because I can actually saying JOKEEEE after cos I am actually joking lol but never did I imagine how scary it would really be when telling them I’m pregnant for real haha!!

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Hey Beauties and Beasts. Where do I start with these crazy A & E  visits, well they definitely were not expected so soon into my pregnancy whatsoever, I legit did not even expect pregnancy to be this hard for me but hey. My first A & E visit was literally a day after I actually found out I was pregnant, mad!

I had gone to the GP as soon as I found out I was knocked up lol to let them know I guess and start the process, I didn’t really know what to expect as this is my first pregnancy. The lady asked loads of questions as they do, she even tried to convince me to come back in two weeks after I’ve made a decision of whether I was going to keep the baby or not, I had to just laugh and just tell her I’m keeping the baby and my decision is not moving left or right and smile because she was really persistent and starting to annoy me!  Anyway, she went on to remind me that I’m at a high risk of experiencing a complicated pregnancy due to my condition,  explaining that I should look out for particular symptoms and if I start to experience them then I need to go straight to the hospital. As you can imagine I left the GP on panic mode like proper watching out for the symptoms for the rest of the day.

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