Lost my way whilst desperately trying to hold onto my vision, blinded by love so pure or lust so sweet – I’ll let the stars decide that one for me.

Motherhood and life caught up with me, juggling too much meant at some point I’d lose my balance.

I spent most nights last year praying to God asking him to save Love for another chapter. All I needed was more wisdom and strength to continue my most important job on this earth; being a nurturing mother, a provider and creator of the future I desire for me and little madam. But life can surprise you with unexpected sprinkles of magic.

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From the second the announcement, “It’s a girl” is made, it’s as though the worldly messages, expectations and rules instantly become apparent – not always spoken but unquestionably seen.

“You’ll have a say not a voice”, “you’ll never be good enough”, “you’ll be strong but not too strong”.

These three in particular were almost unescapable, so engrained that it unknowingly became part of Continue reading HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY