Beauties and Beasts, I hope you are all happy and healthy because when its all said and done, that is all that really matters! I hope you enjoyed the baby shower pictures, I wish I’d taken more but so much was happening all day, it went by so fast.

Now that I’m one week away from my due date some days are understandably more uncomfortable than others, may be because when baby is overly active It makes me feel a lot heavier, its probably like carrying a wobbly heavy weight, which might be hard to imagine because weights are not supposed to be wobbly but it was the closest comparison I could think of. On days where I have felt less comfortable, I have had to listen to what my body needs so I would definitely take it easy and stay less active to let my body do what it needs to. Sometimes this means staying home for the day and just chilling, having a nice relaxed bath with some candles (I prefer scented candles), playing calm music in the background and sprinkling some bath crystals which helps when feeling fatigue, I personally find the bath crystals absolutely amazing!

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