When I went to confirm my pregnancy and the doctor congratulated me, it took me a whole minute to realise she wasn’t being sarcastic.



Hey lovelies, hope you’re all doing well. I was hoping to write part 3 a lot sooner but mum life has been a bit hectic lately, I wasn’t even expecting to have a third part but my labour was so long, it’s a lengthy story to tell.

As you all know, the midwife attempted to send us home again, yea that’s right, attempted being the keyword because I wasn’t going anywhere. For the amount of pain I was in, I was not about to go home where I have no epidural for when it was needed, chu crazy! The midwife could see how much pain I was in and timed my contractions and saw they were every two minutes, so she didn’t persist in sending us home. Whilst she looked for an available room, we sent my mum and dad to a hotel for the night because we knew baby wasn’t coming anytime soon.

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Hey Beauties, how was birth story part 1? I’m hoping you were all left wanting to read more because it’s far from the end.

As some of you will know, being 1cm dilated in labour is nothing, your not even half way to getting the baby out. The midwife knew the baby wasn’t coming anytime soon so didn’t stall in sending us home, she told us to keep doing things to relax like watch a film or take a nap. I didn’t say anything but I was thinking she has done lost her mind, considering she could see how much pain I was in, I don’t know how she thought I could sit through a film; she crazy. Anyway, we were told to come back when my waters broke or in agonising pain, she didn’t use the word agonising but looking back, that’s exactly what she meant!

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Hey guys, hope you’re all well and looking after yourselves, I’ve definitely had to due to my C-Section. I can’t believe It’s already been 6 weeks and 5 days since giving birth to Myla, some days it still doesn’t even feel real; that’s when she’s asleep mind you because when she’s crying it definitely feels real, I’ll tell you that much!

The last few months of my pregnancy, I did so much to prepare for giving birth; from Practising breathing techniques in the bath and shower, doing lots of pelvic exercises to prepare for the physical activity, practising breathing positions that would help me manage the pain and did lots of googling of course on what to expect. Though Regardless of everything I did to prepare, I kept telling myself to be open minded and expect the unexpected because I’ve heard plenty of good and bad birth stories and the truth is nothing could of truly prepared me for what was coming!

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Beauties and Beasts, I hope you are all happy and healthy because when its all said and done, that is all that really matters! I hope you enjoyed the baby shower pictures, I wish I’d taken more but so much was happening all day, it went by so fast.

Now that I’m one week away from my due date some days are understandably more uncomfortable than others, may be because when baby is overly active It makes me feel a lot heavier, its probably like carrying a wobbly heavy weight, which might be hard to imagine because weights are not supposed to be wobbly but it was the closest comparison I could think of. On days where I have felt less comfortable, I have had to listen to what my body needs so I would definitely take it easy and stay less active to let my body do what it needs to. Sometimes this means staying home for the day and just chilling, having a nice relaxed bath with some candles (I prefer scented candles), playing calm music in the background and sprinkling some bath crystals which helps when feeling fatigue, I personally find the bath crystals absolutely amazing!

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My surprise baby shower was filled with the most beautiful energy, it was such a blur I don’t remember taking many photos. But we captured some cute ‘in the moment’ snaps.



Hey Beauties and Beasts, how you doinggg? I hope you are all happy, healthy and making the most of these warm days we’ve been lucky to have. Even though it’s not that hot, I die as soon as I get out, feeling like a melting snowman wanting to just get back inside yet I’ll be the first to complain when it’s a tad bit cold.

I swear time does not slow down for nobody, I’ve always felt days just pass me by but how time has flown by during pregnancy is something else. I can’t believe I’m already in my third trimester with only a few weeks left, absolutely mental!

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Hey Beauties and Beasts, Hope you’re all groovy.

I’ve always been one who can adapt to change quite fast, might be hard at the very start but I am able to come around in the end. However, I don’t think adapting to being pregnant is anything that happens over night to be honest! Well definitely not for me anyway. Fears of motherhood have consumed me so much that it’s stopped me from being able to fully embrace my pregnancy despite the fact I’m actually excited.

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